Steers Carnival Mall Menu

Steers Carnival Mall Menu (2024)

Steers Carnival Mall Menu

If you’re attractive for an aperitive dining acquaintance in the affection of Carnival Mall, you’ve appeared to the appropriate place. Steers, an acclaimed fast-food chain, offers an adorable card accouterment to assorted tastes. From dank burgers to brittle chicken, there’s an article for anybody to flavor at Steers Carnival Mall.

Exploring Steers Carnival Mall Menu

Steers, accepted for its affection capacity and aged dishes, has crafted a card that promises to contentment your aftertaste buds. Steers Carnival Mall has covered whether you’re appetite an archetypal burger or a pleasant meal. Let’s dive into the adorable offerings:

Steers Burger Bliss

Steers Carnival Mall Menu
#Steers Burger Bliss

Steers Original Burger: Sink your teeth into the iconic Steers Original Burger, featuring a succulent beef patty, fresh lettuce, and signature sauce.

Rodeo Burger: Craving a bit of spice? The Rodeo Burger combines brittle onion rings and barbecue booze for an alluring kick.

Steers Chicken Delights

Steers Carnival Mall Menu
#Steers Chicken Delights

Spicy Craven Combo: For those who adulation a bit of heat, the Ambrosial Craven Combo is an absolute choice, complete with ambrosial craven strips and an ancillary of your preference.

Chicken Foldover: Enjoy the delightful combination of grilled chicken, creamy sauce, and fresh veggies in a warm tortilla.

Steers Family Feasts

Steers Carnival Mall Menu
Steers Family Feasts

Family Feast Combo: Planning a family outing? The Family Feast Combo offers a variety of burgers and sides to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Kids’ Meals: Steers Carnival Mall hasn’t forgotten the little ones – they have kid-friendly meals that include a toy.

Steers Sides and Extras

Steers Carnival Mall Menu
#Steers Sides and Extras

Chips and Dips: Upgrade your meal with perfectly seasoned chips and your choice of dipping sauce.

Onion Rings: Crispy and golden, these onion rings make for a fantastic snack or side.

Steers Sweet Endings

Steers Carnival Mall Menu
#Steers Sweet Endings

Ice Cream Cones: Treat yourself to a creamy cream cone in various flavors to cap off your meal.

Steers Carnival Mall Menu Prices

Item Price (ZAR)
Steers Original Burger 55.00
Rodeo Burger 60.00
Spicy Chicken Combo 75.00
Chicken Foldover 50.00
Family Feast Combo 200.00
Kids’ Meal 45.00
Chips and Dips 30.00
Onion Rings 35.00
Ice Cream Cone 15.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the operating hours of Steers Carnival Mall?

Steers Carnival Mall is accessible seven times an anniversary from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Q2: Can I adjust online from Steers Carnival Mall?

You can calmly adjust online through their website or accustomed aliment commitment apps.

Q3: Are there vegetarian options on the menu?

Absolutely! Steers offers an alternative to vegetarian burgers and abandon for our vegetarian customers.

Q4: What acquittal methods are accustomed at Steers Carnival Mall?

Steers accept assorted acquittal methods, including cash, card, and mobile.

Q5: Is there an adherence affair for approved customers?

Yes, Steers offers an adherence affairs area where you can acquire credibility and adore absolute discounts.

Q6: Are there any appropriate promotions or deals at Steers Carnival Mall?

Steers frequently runs promotions and admixture deals. Be abiding by analysis of their website or analyze in-store for the latest offers.

Q7: Can I adapt my burger at Steers?

Absolutely! You can adapt your burger by counting or deducting capacity according to your preference.

Q8: Is Steers Carnival Mall acceptable for ample groups?

Yes, Steers can board ample groups, authoritative it an accomplished best for gatherings and celebrations.

Q9: Are there any advantageous agenda options?

Steers offers salads and broiled craven options for those attracted to convalescent choices.

Q10: Does Steers Carnival Mall action accouterment services?

Yes, Steers provides accouterment casework for contests and appropriate occasions. Contact them for added details.

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